Welcome To The Green Side

Sugar-Free Soft Drinks

Green Cola

No Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Sweeteners. Natural caffeine.

Green Lemon

No Sugar, Naturally Sweetened, No Nasty Preservatives or Additives, Real Lemon Juice

Green Orange

No Added Sugar, Real Orange Juice, No Preservatives, Sweetened with Stevia. 100% Natural. 100% Taste! No Nasties!

Green Lemon-Lime

No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, Low Calories, Great Taste.

No Sugar


With no sugar, our Green Cola is a guilt-free alternative! We took out all the nasties, but maintained the delicious Cola flavour. Sweetened with Stevia and only 2 calories per can, no sugar, and natural caffeine from green coffee beans, you won’t be disappointed.

All Natural


Delicious and Sugar free! We have combined the refreshing taste of two great citrus fruits, added some sparkle, and removed any nasties. Our Green Lemon-Lime is a guilt-free choice.

With only 2 calories per can and no carbs at all, you’ll be reaching for another can to enjoy!

Real Fruit Soda


Our Green Orange has no added sugar. When you open a can you can smell the freshness of the real juice we added to make it taste amazing. No artificial flavours or sweeteners. Low calories and carbs.

Real Fruit Soda


Our Green Lemon has no added sugar and is made with real lemon juice! We've captured the flavour from a fresh lemonade stand and added some sparkle. A guilt-free alternative, Green Lemon is lightly carbonated and flavoured with real fruit juice.

Low in calories (only 7 calories per can) and only 2g carbs per can.

OMG! I never imagined a soft drink could taste so epic and not be completely terrible for my body. It's a revelation.


Why did it take my whole life for this to happen?! I'd given up trying alternatives because they were always rubbish. Green soft drinks are the bomb.

Luke Johnson

Love them. I've tried every single one of these and I can 100% guarantee that they taste amazing with and without alcohol. :)

Jenny B

It's Easy Being


Enjoy healthy beverages that are actually good for your body (and soul) without skimping on taste. Our drinks are sugar-free, preservative-free, chemical-free, and are made with natural ingredients and real fruit juice.

Sold in boxes of 4 or 10

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We ship directly to you in New Zealand. We are also sold in select stores and supermarkets all over NZ.

Welcome To The Green Side

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